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ALK Pet Services Policies:

All of ALK Pet Services full policies are available in the "forms for new clients" tab at the top of this page. This is a short list of the most important policies you need to know before hiring me.

1. Late fees: I ask every client before booking when their drop off and pick up times will be/what appointment start and end times are. I also contact all clients to confirm their appointments about a week beforehand. I do charge $10 for every hour a client is late to pick up their pets from their appointments.

2. Cancelation fees: All appointments cancelled within 48 hours of an appointments start time do not get a refund. Any appointment cancelled within 6 days of the appointment start time will be subject to an automatic 25% cancellation fee.

3. Holiday Rates: On holidays and sometimes days leading up to holidays appointments will cost more than usual as these dates are high in demand. These dates will cost $20 more than usual. 

4. General Pricing: Certain factors may lead to an appointment costing more than usual. For instance, things like a pet needing medication, extra care due to having behavioural issues, taking care of very large breeds, or things like needing light housework done will likely lead to increased rates. 

I often post any changes made to these policies on ALK Pet Services Facebook page so please be sure to like & follow and check it out regularly. Thank you.

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