About Me

You may have seen me around town walking my dog, Finn because he is vocal and needs to work on his pulling on walks. He gets so excited and just wants to say hi to every single dog that comes our way! 


I adore my dog and my 2 cats and feel the same way about every pet that comes into my care. I get so excited to know their little personalities and quirks and always get a little sad each time I have to send them back to their owners!


I begged to have a dog when I was younger for years and years and now i’m so thrilled to be able to look after the pets here in Slave Lake! 

I have over 20 years of experience with cats and dogs. I also have my pet first aid certification.


It really is an honour to be trusted with other peoples pets and a dream job. Caring for them and making them feel safe, happy, and comfortable in my home is my number one priority. 


Since I was a teenager i’ve had dogs which i’ve taken care of and trained. I have many years of experience working with animals including previous work a dog daycare and am constantly looking for new things to learn so I can grow and understand the pets in my care better. 


After working at a dog daycare In Edmonton I noticed how the badly the dogs were treated there. I quit after one Summer and reported the dog daycare to the authorities. Not only were their daycare services ridiculously overpriced, but most of the time I would start my shift seeing these dogs were in a state of neglect and stress and often times the owner was so overbooked that the space was extremely overcrowded and it resulted, sadly, in dogs getting hurt. 


I learned a lot from that job on what not to do when taking care of pets. 


While I do have cats in my home when a pet is in my care they are separated completely and baby gates are set up throughout my home. My my dog can also be separated in case it’s needed but it's always nice to have another dog to play and socialize with! Your pet is never in a cage and your pet will get that one-on-one attention that they deserve! 


On walks, I try my best to work with the owners on their lead training as well as switch from jogging to waking to running when i can to make sure the dog(s) in my care are happy and healthy!


My goal is to make sure that pet owners have a place where their pets are properly looked after where they can receive one-on-one, personalized care within Slave Lake. I didn’t feel it was right to take on more than one cat/dog ( or more than one household of cats/dogs at a time) because that prevented them from getting the amount of attention and love they deserve while they are in my care. I want pet owners to know their pets are in good hands - whether they are staying in my home, i’m checking up on them in their homes, or if they're just on a walk with me! In all instances I will use positive reinforcement and repetition in my interactions with your pets as i've found that to personally be the most effective and humane form of managing a dogs behaviour/training. 


After adopting my cats and dogs throughout the years I also noticed there were a lot of companies solely in this business for the profit where they wanted to look after as many animals at once without thinking of the pets safety first. I noticed a lot of their services were so overpriced that it prevented a lot of people from giving the care their pets needed while they were busy or away. I want pet care to be accessible to everyone who needs it so I try to make my prices as low as I am able to while relying on tips to replace every day supplies I need like toys, wipes, beds, medical items, etc.


I am also excited to say that 50% of all tips received are donated to an animal shelter within Alberta, Canada. I figure we can share some of the love and make sure every pet has what it needs until they can find their forever homes.


I know that while Covid is here it’s difficult during meet and greets to get to know new clients but I want everyone to know who I am and what I stand for and what approach I have to taking care of your pets.


I hope to have a small business here in Slave Lake that gives back to animals in need and also strengthens the community. 

The Team

My name is Alisha and I am 31 years old and enjoy spending time with my two cats, Stella & Hunter, as well as my dog, Finn(sometimes more than people). I have a passion for all animals and they often help keep me in shape. I often take my dog, Finn to the dog park in town so chances are you will see me there some day.

Finn & I